Why Am I Basing My Worthiness On The Appearance Of My Thighs?

Often I hit my local walking trail with a specific goal in mind, something I want to release, understand or raise my vibration about.  Last week I wanted to feel better about my thighs.  Seems petty I know, and most of the time I’m okay with my body. It’s not perfect, but I do workout regularly and take good care of myself, but every once in a while I get crossways of my positive current and need to do a little focusing to bring things back into a feeling good place. This was definitely one of those times.

As usual, I just started to talk to myself about how I was feeling all the while tapping on the EFT points and occasionally stopping to do full normal rounds of EFT on anything that felt particularly true or emotionally intense.  If you’re doing EFT with me or on your own it’s very helpful to  try talking to  the subconscious mind.  Find out where it has generalized things, and what types of faulty decisions it has made.  Sometimes things come up that we might be inclined to be ashamed of, but once you understand that it’s just the ego and the subconscious minds’ need for protection that create this ridiculous “writing on our walls”it becomes more comedic than anything.  I’m baring my subconscious mind here for your enjoyment and hopefully learning so please don’t judge me or I’ll have to do more EFT on that!

“I don’t like my thighs.”

“okay, it’s not the function of my thighs, it’s the look of my thighs that I don’t like.”

“my thighs are ugly and that makes me feel horrible”

“why is it SO important to have attractive thighs?”

“I need my thighs to look a certain way to be accepted”

“why am I basing my worthiness on the appearance of my thighs?”

“nobody likes people with ugly thighs”

“people like people that are beautiful, especially women”

“I want people to approve of me, and I think that if I look good I will have their approval”

“why am I so hung up on people liking my appearance and needing their approval?”

“people that might like me if I look good wouldn’t be seeing the real me anyways”

“pleasing to the eye=good and worthy”

“where did I learn THAT?”

“where did I get the belief that pleasing to the eye=loveable?

“movies, society, men giving positive attention to attractive women and negative attention to unattractive women”

“I like being attractive, I like to look at pleasing things, but I know my worthiness is not dependant on  my thighs  being pleasing to the eye.”

I did some more focused tapping on this one..

“Even though I somehow created the belief that the size of my thighs means something about my worthiness, I love and accept myself completely.”

“that is all an illusion, pleasing to the eye has NOTHING to do with worthiness, love or approval”

“it is all an illusion that looking good gets me love and approval”

“anything that seems like love or approval that comes from looking good is false, it’s not real love or approval”

“only the very young, shallow or unenlightened judge by appearance alone”

“I know I’m a good, beautiful and intelligent person even if my thighs don’t fit into a standard of appearance dictated by society.”

All of that brings us to the awareness that I’m constantly trying to instill in myself and in others,  that any need for external love, approval , control or security is a false need and can never really be met.  We can never please enough people with our appearance or anything else to feel the deep love and approval that we are all looking for. That deep love and approval only comes from a connection to who we really are, a deep spiritual knowing that we are so much more than we see and feel in this physical body. Whenever you have the opportunity, whether it’s during EFT or self-contemplation, cast off the need for external love, see it for the illusion that it is and cultivate your connection to your deeper knowing, the older, wiser part of you that knows your worthiness, is in complete control and couldn’t be more secure.

I accept my thighs and I don’t need anything to be different about them or anything else in my life in order to know my worthiness. Good walk.

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2 Responses to Why Am I Basing My Worthiness On The Appearance Of My Thighs?

  1. Shannon says:

    Hey Ellie
    Thank you for this. I am definately going to use it. It’s so funny listening to you. It’s almost like you can read my mind.

  2. Kathy Humphrey says:

    Love it!!!!!! You Rock!!

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