Understanding the Power of Taking Action

Our society is driven by action.  Work-oholics, exercise enthusiasts and many highly successful people send the same message, “You don’t get anything in this life unless you work hard for it.”  You may have even had it drilled into your head by your parents or teachers.  We all take action and it seems like it gets us somewhere right?  After all, you took action, got a job, made money, bought a house, got married, had kids….it was all your own doing. If you work hard, your boss notices and you get a promotion, why wouldn’t you think that your hard work paid off?  If you take action in the gym, learn how to lift properly, show up day after day and eventually get stronger and more fit then your action is responsible right? That illusion is what makes it hard for people to understand the concept of using intention or allowing the “Universe” to bring what you want into your life.  It feels counter-intuitive, or even lazy to sit on our butts, do a little visualization, throw some pictures on a vision board and believe that it’s just going to come.  But, the Law of Attraction teachers tell us that our desires aren’t manifested as a direct result of our action, it just SEEMS that way.

Action IS very important, and if you’re looking for permission to sit on your butt and visualize all day, you’re not going to find it here, but by the same token, I certainly want you to understand how your action works and why you certainly should take some butt time and get your creative juices flowing long before you take any action.

It really all boils down to the fact that everything in our environment is vibrational in nature. I can’t get into the nitty gritty about that here, but quantum mechanics and quantum physics are doing a bang-up job of showing us the true nature of our universe.  Everything in our world has a very specific vibrational frequency and it really exists in waves of possibility until our attention to it causes it to sort of “freeze” into particles of matter that we can see, hear, taste and touch.  If you’re interested in learning more about it, first I suggest you watch the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?”  Then read some books or listen to some lectures from Amit Goswami, Ph.D. theoretical quantum physicist or any of the other amazing people you’ll see in the movie.

When you understand the vibrational nature of our universe, it puts a very different spin on action. Our thoughts and emotions are most definitely our most important tools in the creation and manifestation process. If you could THINK and FEEL as though what you’re trying to achieve is already finished, or at least on it’s way, you wouldn’t need any action at all, and some people certainly do manifest simple things in that manner. I’m sure you’ve all heard the crazy stories from “The Secret” or “Oprah” about people focusing on getting great parking spaces or creating vision boards and voila, the next thing you know it’s a manifested creation.  I’m not saying those things don’t happen, they certainly do, but only in those instances in which the person could conjure enough HOPE of EXPECTATION of the creation with just a thought or a vision board . We get what we expect, period.  It’s pretty hard to expect your dreams to come true without action, but if you can be hopeful that you will expect them to come true you’ve already done the most important part of the creative process.

This is where it gets tricky when you put a picture of Matthew  McConaughey or Heather Graham on your vision board. Chances are you don’t really EXPECT them to show up in your life. It’s too much of a stretch and you don’t have much real HOPE of EXPECTATION there. Same goes for manifesting the body you really want, the relationship you’ve always wanted or the time and money to take a dream vacation.  You could even take it ten steps further into the realm of spiritual possibilities, like having psychic abilities or astral travel.  Everything is about baby steps. If you are currently overweight, hate to exercise and love to drink pop and eat chips your HOPE of EXPECTATION for becoming lean and healthy without action would require a quantum leap. A quantum leap is rare to non-existent and it would require you to suddenly wake up one day truly believing and feeling that you already have exactly what you’ve been waiting for, manifested and here in this physical domain of space and time. Probably not going happen, especially when you try to put on those size six jeans and snap back to “reality”.   So, this is where action comes into play.  You might believe, as most do, that when you eat healthy food and exercise ,your body burns  more calories than it takes in and there is a very real physical thing happening that causes you to become leaner.  True, but it’s a very small part of the picture.  Abraham uses an anaology of getting water from a tap and believing that the water comes from the tap.  It’s true that the water does come from the tap,  and to the naïve  untrained eye, it may seem that there’s nothing more to it. But the water has to travel from the ground, or from the lake into a treatment system, though a multitude of pipes and pumps before it eventually ends up coming out of your tap.

The same is true for action.  So although it seems like our action is what is getting the job done, in reality it is our thoughts, expectations and emotions that are created as a RESULT of our action.  Think about it, when you eat healthy food and exercise what do most people EXPECT to happen? When you work hard towards a promotion, what do most people EXPECT to happen?  That also makes it obvious that action is not the WHOLE picture, or every single person that struggles and works hard would be getting what they want or deserve, and that’s just not what happens in our world.  For example, how do we explain the person that’s eating healthy food and exercising their brains out , yet their body doesn’t budge?  I can tell you how most scientists or personal trainers that aren’t aware of our emotional, vibrational power explain it. They blame the person.  They say, well you must be eating more than you’re telling me, or you’re not really working very hard in your workouts. It’s a convoluted mess of what you believe you are capable of, what you believe you deserve, what you are afraid of and a whole host of other things written on our walls. In short, it’s our HOPE of EXPECTATION and our emotions that allow our dreams to become reality and our actions help us believe that something is possible. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that could genuinely believe, on all levels of consciousness, that they could sit on the couch, eat twinkies and still lose weight just by visualizing it, because that’s really not how it works in our current time and space reality.  BUT, if you were to visualize for four minutes per day, and you could do it with the real feelings you’ll have when you DO have the body of your dreams, you begin the creative process and you are INSPIRED to take action. Inspired action is the best kind of action because it’s usually just the next logical step.  It’s not the action that you’ve sat down and wrestled out of your logical mind in your 8 week “action plan”.  Unh uh. Inspired action is when you just naturally start to drink more water without thinking about it.  You go to the grocery store because you needed something small and decide to pick up some chicken for dinner instead of hitting Wendy’s, and you do it without any real control, willpower or other struggle-type attitude. By the same token, if your desire is to get a promotion or a better job and you take the emotional journey first by sitting and visualizing it with emotion, as though it’s already happened, you may be inspired to take all sorts of action that you wouldn’t even imagine would lead to the desired end result.  There is a creative power that is working behind the scenes, aligning people, circumstances and events that you couldn’t possible orchestrate from the “action-oriented” place that most of us operate from.  Focus on the end result, imagine it happening with emotion and then take whatever action you’re inspired to take without over thinking it.

Here’s a possible scenario to describe what I’m talking about.  Let’s say you really want to take a day off, you’re inspired to go to the beach and you could take the day off without any problem, but you’ve been focusing on taking action to get you that promotion.  In the action oriented world, you would ignore your inspiration and get your butt to work because “the early bird gets the worm” or “only hard work pays off”.   Now, imagine that you followed your inspiration and took the day off work and enjoyed a relaxing, fun day at the beach.  In your absence at work, a colleague sends an email that requires volunteers for the company beach party.  If you’d been at work, you most likely would’ve volunteered, thinking that being a team player would further your progress towards the promotion. Fast forward three months to the company party, and you’re not a volunteer because you were at the beach the day they asked for help. As the other volunteers organize games, food and entertainment activities, you’re left sitting at a table with the boss and the two of you have a relaxed conversation about your personal lives and find that you’re  from the same small town over 300 km away and you went to the same school and even know some of the same people.  From that conversation your boss now holds a much higher opinion of you, and even considers you a friend.  Of course, when it comes time for the promotion he is still going to weigh all of the options, but his decision sways your way because he genuinely likes you and knows that you’d be great at the job.  All from a day at the beach.   Okay, so that is a completely fabricated story, but I’m using it to demonstrate the point that you just CAN’T see all of the ways that life can align things to go your way when you ask for it with your emotional set-point, rather than fight it out with  uninspired action.

So, let me lay it out here.  Action is important, but only because it allows you to take the baby steps you need to take to get your belief systems in line and allow you to BELIEVE your dreams ARE possible.  You HAVE to EXPECT the dream to come true in order for it manifest in your life and action is often an integral step towards that. Please remember though, that the action you THINK you need to take isn’t always the most appropriate action.  Just take the next logical step, focus on your desired end result and get happy.

Don’t tie the hands of the universe by insisting that you get that promotion, and insisting that the only way to get it is to show up early and leave late. Ask yourself why you really want the promotion in order to determine the end result you’re really after. Chances are you want to feel successful, financially secure or just plain old happy. If you insist that the only way you can achieve those desires is though the promotion, you don’t allow life’s magic to work it’s wonders.

Step one should be some butt time.  Visualize the end result of what you want to achieve or manifest and do it with emotion.   Really get in there and don’t be afraid to get physical. It feels very weird at first to throw your hands in the air and yell  “wooooo hoooo”, but the more you do it, the more fun it is. Don’t attach to the details, like the promotion, rather focus on the feelings of success, financial security and happiness you’re really after. Keep it under five minutes and if you find that your mind is wandering off to thoughts like “yeah, but I don’t have the money for that” or “yeah, but that’s not who I am” just stop and remind yourself that this is supposed to be fun. You’re just playing the “what if” game, do it because it feels good not in order to manifest your desired outcome.

Step two is to take inspired action.  Now, that action may not SEEM to have anything to do with your ultimate goal, as in the example above of going to the beach, but the universe knows what it’s doing, so follow your intuition and do the things that come to you that seem like a good idea.  One caveat, don’t sit on the couch and do nothing. Life can’t get at you that way. You have to do SOMETHING, so if nothing seems inspiring or fun just yet, do ANYTHI NG and continue to focus on the end result. Before long that inspired action will start coming your way.  Go look at cars, clean out the garage to make room for a new car, clean out your closets to make room for your new wardrobe.  Buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate your new  found success. The most important thing about your action is that it should seem like the next logical step you’d take if the dream were a reality  and it should be fun.

Step three is to get happy while you wait.  As long as you’re taking your inspired action and doing your visualizations it should be easy to stay happy, but if you feel the impatience bug creeping in, it’s an indication that you’re not really in the vibrational frequency that will allow your dreams to come true.  EFT can be most helpful in those situations, as can meditation or a long walk and reminding yourself that all you need is HOPE of EXPECTATION.  You don’t need to fully expect your dreams to come true, you only need to be hopeful that they will and then find a way, any way, to get happy in this very moment. Check out Carol Look’s  article, complete with EFT tappping phrases to help you get happy while you wait.

So, what are you waiting for? Go do it.

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