The Eight Steps to Enlightenment, Self-Memory and Sustainable Lifestyles (according to Kiesha Crowther)

1) Understand that there is a higher knowing than ourselves. You are part of a bigger plan and you belong to something massive.

2) Know that history is not the evolution of technology and production. It is the evolution of thought. Things are created through emotion.

3) We must embrace a new understanding of our physical world. All things are alive with energy, and we have the ability to see and appreciate this energy. Try seeing the energy around plants and people. Sunset and sunrise are great times to see energy. This energy is what keeps us alive.

4) Understand that we are to exchange energy with plants, our earth and each other rather than taking from others and the earth without giving anything in return. Do others judgments of you affect your energy? Do you need to rule conversations? Fill yourself up with plant and earth energy, plug into the energy mother nature provides for you, everything you need is there.

5) Stop fighting to be heard or be in charge. Looking for approval from others is a waste of time and your “standing” in this world doesn’t matter. Breathe in earth energy instead of looking to others for what they can’t truly give anyways.

6) What do you stand for? Who do you want to be? Why are you here? Understand that you are more than your physical body. More than your name. You came to earth at a very interesting time in order to help create something beautiful, to heal and to help others find joy. You came to have fun.

7) Listen to the ways that your higher self is trying to speak to you. Pay attention to your dreams, thoughts that pop into your head, daydreams or coincidences. Ask the right questions and you’ll get the right answers. Sometimes divine guidance will come through another’s lips. Ask yourself what your intuition says. Most importantly, meditate and be quiet so you can hear.

8 ) Do not become addicted to other human beings for your energy, love, security or control. This will stop your growth. Love each other deeply, but release needing love in return.

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