Permanent Weight Loss Coaching Success!

Trish LOST 42 pounds! The third time was the charm!

Trish Before-Oct 22, 2011

Trish After- January 22, 2012


Hear what worked for Trish after years of struggling with her weight:

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Wendy gives a full account of her experience with my program:
EFT Course Review July 2011

I had not heard of EFT before, but felt like I had tried almost everything else to lose the weight I had been trying to lose for years and that included many gym memberships, books, magazines, exercise tapes, pills powders and potions.

I didn’t really diet, I knew diets didn’t work. I was looking for a lifestyle change that I could stick with. Something that didn’t require me to eat food I was repulsed by or didn’t even know how to prepare.

I knew there had to be more to it than “eat less and workout more”. I was eating when I wasn’t hungry, craving carbohydrate foods or foods full of sugar and I knew that there was a reason for it.

Honestly I didn’t want to spend another dime on anything with the word weight loss in it.

I have to understand something and believe in it before it will work for me, I won’t just do it because someone says it will work, and I wasn’t sure about this EFT stuff. I went to a brief introduction on EFT at the library and was amazed at its concept and how easily it could be learned and adapted.

I have never met Ellie before, am new to Kingston and didn’t want to get suckered into something I thought to be expensive. I was not working and couldn’t justify spending that much money on what I thought would be another gimmick. Let me assure you, it’s no gimmick and worth every penny.

I am a reader and am always looking for answers to my life’s questions in what I read. Something that resonates with me and puts a missing piece in my puzzle. Sometimes I read a book and don’t get much out of it, but will read it again in a few months or a year and totally “get it” because I was ready to receive that message. I think thats what EFT was for me. I was ready to receive its messages.

It has made more sense to me than anything I have read or tried before. It answers life’s questions of health and wellness and how to get what you want first and foremost with an added bonus of weight loss

What I learned that has helped me and made so much sense

  • This is a class as with any class you get homework, not the kind that is graded or has to be handed in but homework that will get you further in your healing. You must do your homework if you want to succeed.
  • You are given all the tools you need in a way that makes so much sense you almost feel silly that you didn’t think of it yourself. You can go to home depot ,get the tools for a project but you have to use the tools to build what you want, you can’t leave the tools in the box and expect the bookshelf to appear. EFT is no different and the good thing is, you always have these tools and can go back to them anytime if you get sidetracked with life
  • Some diets may work but it’s based on deprivation, you lose, you gain ,you lose then stop losing and you’re on to the next ” in” diet. EFT is something you can stick with throughout and always gives the results based on the work put in. No deprivation, just more clarity and understanding. As with most diets, someone disputes why and if they work. There’s no disputing EFT. It’s a secondary result with life changing outlooks being the first.
  • If you are doing something you like such as reading, gardening, and it makes you feel good, the only time you stop is if you have to. It’s not like work to you. You don’t have to force yourself to do it. As you get results with EFT, it feels like good. So if you find yourself stopping- you need to find the reason why it went from being fun to being work ( and there are reasons).
  • Eat when you’re hungry stop when you’re full
  • People are in your life for a Reason a season or life time-This one I had been struggling for years, why children are abused, why people die early in life???? I was able to understand and move through areas that had me stuck. And they will never have me stuck again. Instead of being upset at who I should have been had these tragedies not happened to me, I am able to look at where I am now and the great people I’ve met and opportunities I’ve had because they did. That was an inspiring eye opener.
  • Don’t weigh yourself, just trust in the process
  • learn about the brain, the way it works, where thoughts and negative emotions start, the conscious and subconscious mind
  • Negative feelings are like a wound and like anything that needs healing, you have to clean out the infection to make it better or it will fester and poison you. I really “got” this analogy.
  • eating carbs….what is going on in your brain and body when you crave carbs-found this very interesting and am looking into this further
  • Law of attraction- also investigating this concept further
  • I Always knew it was better to be positive, but learned the effects on the body and ways to be even more positive when there doesn’t look like any way to be. I am also much calmer and more patient with a new understanding of negative emotions

What took me the longest to understand or finally “ get” was what to say while tapping. I was worried I didn’t know what to say, but you just say what’s on your mind, or ask questions, or use the information that is provided. It hits all the right spots. I found I was so obsessed with wanting to do it” right”, say the “right” thing. The good thing is-“right” has a lot of leeway and you need to relax.

Sometimes in a course you get bits of information on so many topics, if you find something you’ve touched on that interests you, you need to research it on your own, or you need to buy the book, or the CD. In This EFT course you are given so much great information and resources. There are no secrets held back, no resources or books kept private for future sales. Pages and pages of information and audio that I have gone over time and time again. An abundance of authors, books and recommended readings on so many topics. Exercise, nutrition, law of attraction, supplements’, just to name a few

You will never find a facilitator that is so available to answer questions in such a timely and thorough manner. (If anyone has received an e-mail from Ellie, you will understand this comment.)

Now for Ellie……………

I’m not sure I can really express the kind of person I have known you to be in the short time I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you. But here goes.

You are the kind of person I wish I grew up knowing because I know we’d still be friends today.

You are someone I feel comfortable telling all my deep dark secrets to because I know you’ll keep them safe, without judgement or condemnation.

You are very well versed in your many areas of expertise and are willing to share your knowledge without charge. You are patient and will keep explaining the same thing, different ways and in detail until I finally have my Ah HA moment.

You are compassionate and understanding when dealing with someone’s pain, and are not above sharing your own past struggles.

You are funny and can laugh at yourself-a quality hard to find now a days in such a serious world. You have a great voice which is necessary for me when I am to learn by listening, and a contagious laugh

You are welcoming to all and exclude no one. I admire that.

You are a truly one of a kind and an all around wonderful person.

I enjoyed every minute of your class-except maybe the “its only Pepsi for heavens sake”..lol

See you at the Gym.

More than Weight Loss….

“Ellie and I have been working together for the past 8 months using EFT and the law of attraction, and I love how much change I see in myself due to the work we’ve been doing together. She has an amazing ability to help me reframe negative thought and behaviour patterns into beautiful new ideas and behaviours, using her extensive knowledge of the law of attraction, spiritual principles and EFT. I know and trust that she is capable of taking me out of my darkest moments and even making it fun and enjoyable in the process! We’ve shared tears and laughter, and it’s been easier than I thought it would be to take an honest look at myself. There is never any pressure to share the details of whatever I am going through, and I’m amazed at how successful the results of EFT are even when the specific problem isn’t talked about in detail. She helped me quit smoking, helps me with my relationships, with family dynamics…there basically isn’t anything that I don’t think she could help me with! I would highly recommend working with Ellie. If you’ve come this far and her website and these testimonials resonate with you, I’d say you’re here for a reason. I am so grateful I chose to call her and was pleasantly surprised to find such a beautiful, caring, compassionate, fun and cheerful practitioner.”  M.L.

Doing great overall. The EFT is working great. I am now speaking to my Mother and working on my son. That seems to be tough one. My Mom had a major heart attack and didn’t expect to live. I did my EFT on her and now she is home. I really am so pleased I found you Ellie. It has changed my life so much. M. Rice-Stover

Thanks again for all your help! It’s so nice to feel alive again!

I was experiencing extreme stress and self doubt when I first decided to contact Ellie at Whole Body Wellness. Learning EFT, and other wonderful, enlightening things Ellie has to offer, I have recognized that stress is completely self inflicted through the thought processes…WE choose, and the beliefs WE hold within and of ourselves. Having these insights, using EFT, and choosing positive thoughts, have given my “being”, whole body wellness…and this “wellness”, has generated endless benefits to all aspects of my life. Ellie is fun, yet professional. She practices within her own life, that which she offers to clients. Ellie is secure and confident, with all the knowledge she expresses, and she delivers that knowledge easily and clearly for you to understand. She guides you, and supports you. Ellie Rocks!!!! I would encourage anyone, that feels the need for mental, emotional, physical or spiritual guidance in their life ….to give Ellie a call. You won’t regret it…. K. Humphrey

I have sent another two people your way…hope they call soon! (Cancer & Anxiety Issues) My dad is doing so fabulous and the wonderful thing is, that he no longer using the eft and energy work for his illness but is instead using it to improve his golf game among other fun things (he has overcome so much and no-one ever would have thought to see this 4 months ago and you are definitely the main reason for this! Thanks so much -you do ‘Truly Amazing Work’! Sue Dodds

I was suffering from physical effects of stress and anxiety such as migraines, chest pain as well as lack of energy and general body aches. Ellie and EFT have changed my life. EFT is quick to learn and use, it works for emotional and physical problems instantly. Both at home and work I have become calmer, more focused and able to distance myself emotionally from insignificant problems or events that would have otherwise left me stressed and upset, the result of which is phenomenal as I suffer from substantially fewer headaches and chest pain. I also received a full nutritional assessment, Ellie made recommendations for a few supplements to support areas that I was lacking – within a couple of weeks I had a lot more get-up-and-go and my body aches were greatly reduced! Ellie is a very gifted practitioner who genuinely cares about her clients well being. She treats the whole person not just specific symptoms, this in itself causes Ellie to standout from any other wellness professional I have consulted. Carrie F.

I really appreciate everything, and thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki. I can’t believe that I have not had ANY pain (anywhere) since I left. I felt so relaxed and grounded on my drive home, then went for a long walk………and nothing hurt. I don’t know what you did, or how it works, but it is simply amazing. You are fantastic…….. Linda B.

Two months later….
I have been much better since our session. Occasionally, I get a tinge of pain in one hip only, but otherwise I am better. Linda B.