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Welcome to my website!  I trust that you’re here because you’re interested in my weight loss coaching starter package.

If you’re ready for permanent change in your life, and you realize that permanent change requires more than just a diet and exercise plan you’ve come to the right place.

Very few people are successful with permanent weight loss because they are relying on incomplete information.  Eating less and exercising more IS an important part of any successful, long-term health regimen.  We all know that.  But if it were that easy we wouldn’t have a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry and we wouldn’t be approaching epidemic numbers when it comes to obesity.  

Permanent change requires a multi-faceted approach.  Yes, what you eat and how much you move are important, BUT few of us are able to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan until a few other things are taken care of. 

For example, did you know that the bacteria in your intestinal tract can predispose you to gain weight, and make it very difficult to lose weight? In my program we make sure you have the probiotics that naturally slim people have.

Did you know that your liver is very important in regulating your fat burning ability? I’ll assess your liver function and teach you how to improve it.

Did you know that your body will store more fat if you have a high toxic burden? You may need to do a 30 or 60-day detox to optimize your fat burning potential.

Do you know what kind of exercise takes only 8 minutes but has more health and fat-burning benefits than a 60 minute run? I’ll teach you and it will be fun!

Did you know that you have built-in survival mechanisms that are controlling what, when and how much you eat? I’ll teach you what those are and what you can do about them.

Are you aware that you have subconscious blocks to reaching your ideal weight? If you didn’t, you would have reached it by now.  We ALL know what we need to do, we just can’t get ourselves to do it.  That’s called Akrasia, or self-sabotage and it stems from subconscious stuff.  We’ll explore these blocks and I’ll give you amazing tools to overcome them.

 I invite you to learn more about me and all of my programs here.

This Starter Weight Loss Coaching Package includes:

  • 1-60 minute Holistic Health and Nutrition Assessment.   As a result, you’ll receive:

    •  A Healthy Grocery Shopping Guide outlining where to find healthy local foods and how to cook with them.
    • A 7-day healthy eating plan to optimize health and fat burning
    • A complete nutritional profile highlighting possible nutrient deficiencies that block healthy weight loss
    • A symptom-profile report highlighting possible organ or system stresses.
    • A complete 30-day supplementation protocol to optimize fat burning (supplements extra, but optional)
    • Recommendations for detoxification and future steps
    • The “What to Eat” Chapter from my Overcoming Emotional Eating and Self-Sabotage Workbook

Value of $200

  • 1-60 minute Physical Activity Assessment and Prescription. As a result, you’ll receive:
    • A 30-day exercise plan, tailored to your needs and ability
    • Additional bonus exercises to keep things fresh
    • The “How to Move” bonus from my Overcoming Emotional Eating and Self-Sabotage Workbook

Value of $110

  • 3-60 minute Weight Loss Coaching sessions where we’ll explore:
    • How and why you may sabotage your best efforts to eat healthier and exercise
    • The amazing techniques that give you access to your subconscious mind so you can re-program yourself
    • Tips and tools to get yourself motivated and actually WANT to exercise
    • The common subconscious fears that prevent us from moving forward
    • How to overcome our natural human fear of change
    • How to eat according to your hunger signals as nature intended
    • The rest of the Overcoming Emotional Eating and Self-Sabotage Workbook!

Value of $ 385

Combined value $695, but when you buy a package you get a deal, so you don’t pay that! 

The regular Package Price is $425, but you don’t pay that either!

 When you present your Shop South Frontenac Passport you save an additional 50%!! 

So, just for living and shopping in South Frontenac you only pay $213!!!!


If you have any questions or would like to book your first appointment, please call 613-372-3622 or email




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