Smoking Cessation

If you WANT to quit smoking,  I have tools that can help.  If you think it might be nice to quit, but you’re not ready to take that next step yet, I still might be able to help.  If you genuinely love to smoke and have no desire to quit, or if you’re looking into this for someone that you would like to quit smoking, forget it. I will only work with people that have a genuine desire to stop smoking.

The first thing to understand about smoking is that there are two parts of your addiction.  You are most certainly addicted to the toxic poison nicotine and your body craves it. The good news is that almost all of the nicotine in your body can be excreted in about 48 hours.  If you’ve quit in the past, there’s a good chance you made it past 48 hours, and if so, you actually had the PHYSICAL addiction beat.  You started smoking again, most likely in response to something you regarded as stressful, or perhaps for social reasons.  That part of the addiction is PSYCHOLOGICAL and that’s what my techniques are designed to help you deal with.

The tools I use  will most certainly abolish your psychologcial need for a cigarette.  If you can beat the physical addiction with 48 hours of abstinence from smoking, then I can help with the rest.  I can’t gurantee your success, mostly because I don’t know you. I don’t know if you can follow my instructions, or if you genuinely want to stop smoking, but I do know that these techniques work and many people have used them to succesfully quit smoking for good.

I use a number of techniques to help people quit smoking. Which combination of these I use, and in what order, is determined by your current state of addiction.  If you feel you could quit for 48 hours without too much difficulty then we start with PsTEC.

If you feel that you’d have trouble quitting for 48 hours, or if you’re feeling that you’d like to quit, but just aren’t ready, we’ll start with EFT to get you to a better place.  I also use homeopathic remedies to take the edge off the cravings if you feel you need a little extra help in that regard.  A 15 minute phone consultation is absolutely free, so let’s chat and formulate a game plan to help you finally become the healthy, non-smoker we both know you can be.


If you are seeking assistance for more serious addictions such as drug or alcohol addictions EFT can certainly be helpful, but I highly recommend that you work with a qualified addiction specialist in combination with an EFT practitioner.  You can find help for addiction treatment here.

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