Seminars and Workshops

See the Events section for upcoming seminars.

EFT/LOA Coaching group

This on-going coaching series takes place twice per month via telephone or webinar. It is a free program I created to help those that would like professional help with EFT and Law of Attraction coaching in a group environment.  You can get more details  and register here.


Holistic Health Seminars and Workshops

Does your office need a health break? Are you interested in adding natural health services to your insurance policy to increase employee productivity, job satisfaction and decrease sick time? Are you a business owner that wants to compliment the services you currently offer your customers? Are you in charge of your company’s wellness committee or do you have a group that you’d like to give the gift of health to? Let’s talk. I’m happy to provide services custom-tailored to your suit your unique needs
I offer 1-2 hour seminars on various natural health topics. If your desired topic isn’t here, please contact me to discuss a custom-made seminar.
  • Introduction to the Emotional Freedom Technique (2 hour or full-day workshop)
  • The Natural Health Care System (one we can afford, that actually makes us healthier!)
  • Taking Care of Yourself with Natural and Holistic Medicine
  • Holistic Nutrition for Women
  • Nutrition and Natural Therapies for Anti-Aging
  • Overcoming Weight Challenges the Holistic Way
  • Foundational Holistic Nutrition-What you NEED to be healthy
  • Detoxification-The how’s and why’s
  •  Build Immunity-Natural remedies to improve immune function.
  •  Heart health the holistic way.
  • Truly Effective Stress Management
  • Menopause  is Not a Disease
  • Build Healthy Bone at Any Age
  • Preventing and Curing Blood Sugar Imbalances
  • The Hormones Have It- Understanding the Most Important Hormones for a Long, Happy, Sexy Life
 Being a volunteer firefighter myself, I offer my services  free of charge to any  firefighter wishing to do a detoxifcation protocol to reduce the risk of chronic disease due to occupational exposures. View the presentation here, then email or call for details.