How’s Your Money Vibration?

© <a href="">Vasabii</a> | <a href=""></a> - <a href="">Saint Dollar Photo</a>Money, money, money.   It’s such a loaded subject.  It’s even a loaded word.  

For so many people, simply thinking about money causes stress.

A lack of money creates trouble and strife in our relationships.

If we can’t make enough money to support ourselves and our families, it negatively impacts our self-esteem.

It dictates whether we put winter tires on our car or not.

It dictates if we own or rent our homes.

It dictates where our kids can go to school.

It dictates how much time we spend working vs. how much time we can spend being of service, being with loved ones and enjoying hobbies and fun activities.

It dictates the quality of food we eat.

It dictates the level and quantity of self-care we get in the form of coaching, exercise, health care, dental care and even therapy.

It most definitely impacts your quality of life.

 When you’re feeling:










 or any other negative feeling about your money situation you’re actually attracting MORE situations that will make you feel those emotions.  That means more instability, more worry and more survival-based thinking.  It’s pretty hard to focus on the big picture and pursue dreams that have the power to enrich lives on our planet when you’re worried about how you’re going to pay the mortgage.  

Changing your money situation can ONLY be done by first changing the way you think and feel about money; your money vibration. 

You can tell how healthy or unhealthy your money vibration is by a) having a look at your life and b) checking in with how you really feel about money.   If money is flowing into your life in a consistent, pleasing manner, your money vibration is just fine and you are excused from this conversation.  If money is inconsistent, nonexistent or a regular source of STRESS for you, then you’ve got work to do. 

The fact is, if we want to be optimally well and have a rich, full life we simply can’t ignore the pursuit of money.   While I think most spiritually aware people recognize that money can’t buy happiness, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t find ways to allow more money into our lives.  In fact, the spiritually evolved can make the biggest impact on this Earth by figuring out how to let abundance flow into their lives.  Money affords us the freedom to follow our hearts and create a fulfilling life that allows us to be of service.

The problem is that many spiritual folk have crummy money vibrations and have limiting beliefs like

  • Money is the ROOT of all EVIL
  • Money isn’t spiritual
  • The pursuit of money is always EGO based
  • Wanting more money makes me GREEDY

I don’t disagree that for many people, the ego can certainly fuel the desire for money, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Money is, like all other things on Earth, an extension of source energy.  Sure, we can be very spiritually evolved and pure of heart without money, but until we make peace with all aspects of source, money included,  our work is incomplete.  Not to mention, when you add the power to manifest money to a pure heart, you have the power to change the world. I love the idea of getting the wealth of the world into the hands of the spiritually evolved! 

I created the Healthy Money Vibration Audio  to open the door and allow a healthier, easier money vibration to enter  my own life; which it does, every time I listen to it. 

When the subject of money gets heavy and worrisome, this audio will turn your money vibration and your money situation around in a matter of days if not minutes.  If you listen to it consistently and are willing to delve into deeper work around money, you’ll be well on your way to a permanent change relative to money and a deeper connection with the source of all of the abundance of our universe.  

The secret to allowing a healthy money vibration to permanently take hold in your life is to consistently offer new thoughts and feelings about money.  That can take a considerable amount of time and effort, so this audio is not meant to replace the deep growth work that’s often necessary around money.  How to move forward and permanently shift your money energy is explained in the accompanying Healthy Money Vibration Instruction Manual which is yours FREE with the purchase of your Healthy Money Vibration Audio.

Here’s what this audio will do for you:

  • get you out of doubt, fear, desperation and worry about money.
  • shift your energy from one of lack into one of genuine love and appreciation for money
  • Generate positive associations and feelings on the subject of money  that will allow the powerful law of attraction to work in your favour and open the door to more money flowing into your experience, very quickly
  • Inspire you to new ideas and ways of thinking about money
  • Get you into alignment with source and help you find a genuine love for money as an extension of source
  • Open the door to seeing your own blocks to abundance so you can do the deeper work

Don’t expect thousands of dollars to drop into your lap, although that may be the case for some people.  It’s much more likely that when your energy is aligned and you’re feeling less stressed and worried about money you’ll be more resourceful and new ideas will come to you.  In some cases, unexpected sources of money DO open and it’s not unusual for $200-$500 to float into my experience whenever I lighten up my own money energy with this audio.

So, if you’ve been struggling with a bad money vibration for TOO long, it’s time to put some energy and attention into taking the emotional journey that will open the doors for manifestation in your life!

I know it’s hard to invest when you’re stuck in a crummy money vibration.  I’ve looked high-ticket coaching programs in the face that I KNEW would help shift my money and business vibration, but HAD to walk away because I just couldn’t face MORE debt without guaranteed results. Taking action in the face of fear is something that a lot of coaches teach, but that’s NOT my way.  I prefer to help people line up their energy so taking inspired action is natural, easy and feels amazing. That’s why  I’ve priced this audio at the NO STRETCH, NO BRAINER price of $19.97.

That’s it. Less than a nice dinner out, and you’ll continue to get benefits from this audio for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!  

Buy now and you’ll immediately be taken to the download page where you can live stream or download the Healthy Money Vibration Audio as well as the written Instruction and Finding Deeper Issues Manual.  I’ve also included a FREE audio version of the instructions and finding deeper issues manual if listening is easier than reading. 

So what are you waiting for? 2016 can be a banner year for abundance if you get your money vibration sorted out! Money wants you as much as you want it, all you have to do is let it in by changing your emotional resistance and feelings of lack around money!  You won’t be disappointed!

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