Emotional Freedom Techniques

It’s not a secret that stress and our emotions affect our health and well-being. Have you ever experienced an upset stomach after an emotional upset? How about heartburn after a stressful event? Do you know anyone who’s skin breaks out due to stress? Can you pinpoint chronic pain to a car accident you had years ago even though there is no physical sign of injury? These are more common examples of how emotions can affect the physical body, but those effects reach far deeper than most people ever imagine.
Using these natural techniques to release trauma, emotional blocks, subconscious limiting beliefs,  fear, anxiety and general stress can be PROFOUNDLY helpful in correcting the ROOT CAUSE of whatever negative circumstances life is throwing at you. Whether you’re suffering from physical illness, relationship issues, work issues, financial stress,  or low levels of self-esteem or self-worth these techniques can help.
I use a number of these techniques including the Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Re-imprinting, Reiki, Access Consciousness, PsTec and The Sedona Method. These safe, non-invasive techniques help you to release those stressors that may be holding you apart from a healthy body, a joyful, calm mind, strong relationships,the abundant successful life you deserve and a deeper sense of spiritual peace and understanding.
I love to pair these releasing techniques with the powerful Law of Attraction and spiritual insights to help you move swiftly towards a more fulfilling, peaceful life. 


EFT’s development has led to varied approaches and modifications of the original technique, but the best way to learn more about EFT is still from it’s inventor, Gary Craig.   Gary and his daughter Tina offer a free on-line EFT tutorial where you can learn more about the technique itself as well as  how to apply it to yourself to relieve stress, fear, anger or any other  emotional blocks you may have that prevent you  from  reaching your highest potential.

Biochemist Bruce Lipton discusses the brain and EFT

Introduction to EFT Tapping Points


How EFT can Rewire Your Brain


The Personal Peace Procedure is the backbone of effective, gold standard EFT.  If you’re not sure where to start, start there. 

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