About Me

Hi, I’m Ellie Steele


I have a passion for teaching my clients how to achieve and maintain physical and emotional wellness that lasts a life time. I began my own journey into alternative health with a personal health crisis that forced me to quit my job and focus on healing.  Working in a factory with various toxic chemical exposures brought  my body to its knees.  After cat scans, ultrasounds, two emergency trips to the hospital and the suggestion of exploratory surgery to diagnose my “unknown” illness I took the plunge, quit my job and never looked back. Within one month of following a healing, whole foods diet along with other natural health therapies (which I now teach to others) my  health was well on the way to optimum.

Now I rarely experience any symptoms of imbalanced health.  My energy levels allow me to live a very busy life with multiple interests without experiencing fatigue,  I don’t get headaches or heartburn, my joints never ache, my hormone levels are balanced, and I’m  happy 99% of the time.  I don’t experience nausea, brain fog or allergies of any kind. I haven’t needed or used pharmaceutical drugs since beginning my journey and I’m always able to manage any temporary health crisis with natural methods. This is a state of near-optimum health that everyone has the ability to reach.

My nutrition studies all started with the Alive Academy Applied Nutrition course. I loved what I was learning about healing the body with foods and creating optimal health so I followed up with more studies. A few years later, in February 2002, I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, which granted me the designation of Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  Later, I completed the training and testing for the Canadian Fitness Professionals Association Personal Trainer Specialist program .Weight lifting and fitness have been a passion of mine since my teenage years so I continually upgrade my knowledge in this field of study and hold a CrossFit Level 1 certification as well.

Specialized training in Sports Nutrition, granting me the Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor designation from the Cory Holly Institute, rounds out my nutrition knowledge and allows me to help athletes reach their maximum potential. A solid base of spiritual healing methods and honed intuition is thanks to three levels of Reiki training. I incorporate the emotional aspects of healing dis-ease with a science known as energy psychology that involves using very simple balancing techniques with a powerful ability to release traumas, addictions, anxiety, grief and any other emotional toxins (see Emotional Releasing Techniques description in Services). One last element of my practice, and possibly the most important, involves using the Law of Attraction to teach client’s how their thoughts create their reality…as you think, so you are (see Law of Attraction Training description in Services).


Official EFT

Gary Craig, emofree.com  EFT CERT-II

Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology -EFT Certified Practitioner (ACP-EFT)

Other EFT training

Dawson Church- EFT for Weight Loss

Carol Look -Advanced EFT

Karin Davidson- Matrix Re-imprinting and Matrix Re-Birthing

Yearly Conferences with the Canadian Association of Integrated Energy Therapies

Other Energy Medicine/Change Tool/ Law of Attraction Training

Ann McLeod- Reiki Level 3

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Sedona Method


Silva Systems  Mind Training

Abraham-Hicks seminars and courses

Access Consciousness

Body Talk


Alive Academy of Nutrition

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition- Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Cory Holly Institute- Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor

Robb Wolf- CrossFit Nutrition Certification

Recent training:

PaleoCon 2014

The Gluten Summit 2013


Canadian Fitness Professionals- Personal Trainer Specialist

Focus Personal Fitness- Apprenticeship

CrossFit Level 1

Yearly mandatory upgrading