What do I do, exactly?

I get that question a lot. Sometimes it’s from someone that overhears a bit of a conversation, or has heard of EFT, or maybe they’ve just heard of me from a former client.

Basically I practice EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique and I pair that with holistic nutrition, Law of Attraction training and sometimes a side-dish of personal training.

Here’s a typical scenario.

Often my clients are struggling with something in their life. Sometimes it’s their weight or their  failed attempts to live a healthier lifestyle. They find that they self-sabotage, they stress eat, they give in to food cravings or  they can’t stick to their exercise routine. All of that leads to feelings of frustration, failure and eventually, depression and they don’t know how to step out of that self-defeating cycle.

Sometimes my clients are dealing with specific physical issues like an old injury that won’t heal, back pain, work stress, chronic illnesses such as cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines or insomnia.  Sometimes it’s relationship issues, phobias or fears,  addictions (like smoking or food, I don’t deal with serious drug or alcohol addictions although I can make referrals for that), past traumas or money issues.

Right about now, some people start to think, “okay, what’s the deal here? She can’t possibly fix all of that!”  No, I can’t, but you can when you have the tools that will help you re-program your subconscious drivers and when you understand the universal truths known as the Law of Attraction.

I work with my clients one on one  or in groups via phone, Skype or face to face to give them the tools they need to live a happy, healthy, abundant life and understand who they really are, meaning their deeper, spiritual self.  Sometimes that means starting with changes to diet and movement, sometimes it means working through emotional issues that prevent them from taking action toward a healthier life and sometimes it’s a combination of both.

Much of my work is like life coaching but it’s paired with powerful change tools like EFT  so when my clients are done working with me, they are different, in a very good way. I help them explore their subconscious mind, I shine the light of day on the programming that is keeping them stuck so we can safely, easily release it and allow them to become the highest version of  themselves.  

I have a number of different offerings to serve a wide-range of clients including:

I offer free phone or Skype consultations so we can discuss your personal situation and the best options to bringing you into alignment with your solution. Please contact me for more details