Reduce Your Stress and Improve Your Mood

Evolution Wellness Health Seminar Series

We all have stress.

Most of us just get so used to living in a constant state of stress that we can’t even remember what it means to truly relax or have fun!

Often we use alcohol, cigarettes or coffee just to cope.

But do you know how detrimental living under chronic stress is?

Did you know:

Stress can make you fat?

It can cause you to lose muscle and bone mass?

It can age you prematurely?

It has even been implicated as a causative factor in major chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer. 

Stress has far-reaching negative affects in our lives.  It impacts how we do our jobs, how we interact with people around us including our loved ones, co-workers or even strangers in traffic.

And the worst part is the things we use to cope are often just as bad for us, if not WORSE than the stress itself!

The good news is that there are HEALTHY alternatives to help us deal with chronic stress and even change our perceptions of stress so we just don’t have the same stressful responses to life that we once had.

These simple, natural health tools will take the pressure off and improve your life in every way imaginable,

and I want to teach them to you!

Join me, Ellie Steele, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and Personal Trainer Specialist for a crash-course in reducing stress and improving your mood!

When: Tuesday, February 21st,  7pm-8:30pm

Where: Calvin Park Library, 88 Wright Crescent, Kingston, Ontario

Cost: $15

Pre-register at Nutrition House Kingston Centre or via telephone 613-372-3622 

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