My Journey

Life is perfect, not in the common definition of the word perfect, but it is perfect in it’s seeming imperfection. I didn’t always feel that way, but life has taken on a different meaning for me.  Like Bill Hicks describes “Life is a ride”, and today I stand in a place of clarity and faith that everything really is okay, and life is supposed to be fun.

If you’re interested, I’d like to share my journey with you; the tools and teachers I found along the way that brought me to this place of understanding and peace. Keep in mind that we all have our own path to follow and I’m not suggesting for a second that you follow mine step for step, but I do believe that you will find great benefit in learning from the teachers I have come to love, if they resonate with you. There has been a time or two in my life when I wished I didn’t know what I know, when I wished I could once again be the victim and didn’t have to take responsibility for the things manifesting in my life, but those moments are fleeting I promise. As I often tell my clients, once you know this stuff, you can never go back to living under the veil. At times it can seem like a curse, but in the very next breath you’ll be SO grateful that you’re no longer one of the living dead and you have control over your life.

It’s with joy and hope that I pass on this information to you. Joy in knowing that you are about to experience exhilarating ah-ha moment after ah-ha moment, and hope that as I pass it on to you, you’ll step into your own power and together we’ll empower our entire planet.

As many of you know, I started off as a holistic nutritionist.  Whole food nutrition seems to go hand in hand with spirituality, sometimes the live, nutrient-dense food comes first and clears out your mind, allowing you to see things more clearly, as it did for me, but others are spiritually-minded first and then are drawn to foods that help them deepen that spiritual nature. Junk, processed foods clutter the body and the mind leaving us less aware and less able to think from a higher perspective.  My holistic nutrition education came from a number of different sources. It all started in 1997 with the Alive Nutrition Academy, then the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and finally the Canadian Health Food Association sports nutrition course.  It took me five years of part-time studies, about 15-20 hours per week, not to mention reading numerous books and magazines involving natural health, herbology, homeopathy, yoga or any other healing methodology to develop a solid base of understanding  in natural healing.  During that time I worked in a factory, got married and divorced and then quit my job and worked in various health food stores.  I really got my education on supplements from working in the health food industry and I highly recommend it to anyone that is pursuing that avenue.  My spiritual awakening came after my physical healing education.

In the CSNN course there is a unit on Body, Mind and Spirit.  It’s actually quite a large component of the course, which I went on to teach years after taking the course myself. Up to that point in my life my spirituality was limited to Sunday school and saying Grace before big formal dinners, except for an unexplainably strong belief in re-incarnation.  I didn’t have any conscious connection to the divine and the word “God” in any context tended to make me cringe. I was cool; I didn’t want to be a religious goody-goody. Now I have a much different definition of the word “God” and I’m WAY cooler than I was back then. Anyways,  in that course I was introduced to Dr. Christine Page through her book Frontiers of Health. Wow. It was eye-opening to say the least.  The second I finished that book, I turned to the beginning and read it again.  I found it absolutely exhilarating to learn that our emotions had such a strong link to our physical body. She gave case history after case history to show me how she healed people by looking at the emotional upheaval in their lives. There was the woman with knee pain that was related to her resentment at having to take care of her ailing father, and another with breast cancer due to a poor mother relationship.  It blew me away and excited me at the same time and I was hooked.

Through the reading of her book some ideas of spirituality were beginning to get clearer and clearer around that time as well. She introduced me to the chakras and I have a very clear memory of walking on a beautiful spring day and REALLY seeing nature for the first time in my life.  I was about 23.  I often compare it the old Bugs Bunny cartoon where he’s walking along in complete bliss greeting everything along his path. “Hello flower, hello trees, hello birdie….” You get the idea.  That day I sat in a tree for an hour and felt my heart chakra open. I cried.

I have to give credence to the wonderful natural health practitioners I saw during that time as well. The more I learned about the body’s ability to heal, the less content I was to live with the relatively minor health problems I had always suffered from. I was an overweight kid, I had acne problems and the more I read, the more I correlated my symptoms with low thyroid function and emotional eating.  I ran the gamut of natural health practitioners and learned a hell of a lot about different healing modalities. My first natural health practitioner was a chiropractor, then a nurse that practiced alternative medicine, followed by a naturopath that practiced mainly homeopathy, another homeopath, a colon therapist, a natural health practitioner that used Chinese medicine and homeopathy, another homeopath that creates her own remedies, a nutritional microscopist, a few more chiropractors and a fellow holistic nutritionist. Through that I experienced dowsing, muscle testing, electro-dermal screening, vega testing, allergy elimination diets, Candida diets, traditional single-remedy homeopathy, combination homeopathy, herbology, nutritional supplementation, ion foot bath detoxes, magnetic therapy, colonics, radionics and the list goes on.  It was an expensive few years.

Through all of that experience I gained priceless knowledge about my body, the mechanisms of healing and the tools of the trade. I was especially drawn to homeopathy and the incredible healing it has to offer when you can find the right remedy, and I considered becoming a homeopath.  I quickly saw though, that even with extensive knowledge of homeopathy, it just wasn’t the whole picture.   Sure, homeopathy can do some amazing stuff that other medicines just can’t do, and I witnessed changes in my own health, but there were also lots of failures so I was inspired to keep searching. After all, despite all that time and money, I was still dealing with weight issues, emotional eating issues and bad skin.  Now I understand that those are my drivers that kept me searching, and thank God they did, and they still do to a degree, but now it’s under a completely different context.  Now I’m content with who and what I am, but at the same time I know it I will continue to get and feel better and better.

I don’t remember what my motivation was to take my level one Reiki course. I had been studying vibrational medicine and homeopathy. I didn’t completely understand at that point that everything is vibrational in nature and how we can affect healing by changing the vibration, but I did know that there was something to the power of intention in healing.

My level one Reiki was a fascinating experience.  My Reiki Master was and is the lovely Anne MacLeod. It took place over the course of a weekend in November in a community college.  We had very little heat in the building that weekend and everyone there was bundled up in winter coats, hats and scarves, everyone but me.  I was BURNING up.  It’s very unusual for me to be hot, remember I’ve been dealing with thyroid issues and I’m usually freezing, but not that weekend.  I knew this was something big.  My hands were so warm, and I was actually sweating. It was my first divine spiritual experience, although I didn’t know it then, it just knew I should continue with Reiki, and I did.  I did three levels of Reiki with Anne and I practiced it on more than a few clients.  I credit those Reiki initiations with my heightened intuition now.

Somewhere in there I found Dr. Mercola, EFT and Body Talk.  Dr. Mercola is an osteopath in Chicago with a very successful natural health clinic and the biggest natural health site on the internet.  I poured over his stuff and got more than a little scared.  Through all of my education to this point, there was an awful lot of focus on all the things in our world that can make us sick and cause harm. Pesticides, herbicides, food additives, preservatives, air pollution, alcohol, processed foods, sugar, yeasts, antibiotics and hormones in meat, toxic pharmaceutical drugs, gluten, electro-magnetic waves,  and even government conspiracies to change our climate by spraying toxic chemtrails.  It got to a point that I agonized over everything I put in my mouth, put on my body or breathed into my lungs. I completely quit drinking alcohol, stopped drinking milk, tried to avoid sugar, wheat and anything that wasn’t “perfectly healthy”. Ask me how that worked out for me. Not well, thanks for asking.  That puts a big dent in your social life, let me tell ya. It also affects your relationships, your mental well-being and ultimately, your health in a very negative manner. I give this message to any new student in the holistic health field. HEED MY WARNING!!  IT’S ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT WHAT YOU EAT OR DO, NOT WHAT YOU EAT OR DO!! That doesn’t mean you can just eat crap and be healthy, but as long as you make how you feel your number one priority and do what you need to do to keep your emotions healthy, you’ll be healthy. Balance is a powerful concept, don’t discount it.  I love this quote from Abraham that sums it up nicely;  “When you do something that you believe is beneficial to you, there is great benefit to you, but when you do something that you believe is detrimental to you, there is great detriment to you.”

It was Dr. Mercola’s book “The No-Grain Diet” that first introduced me to EFT.  In that book he explained how to use it for carbohydrate cravings.  I tried it, got minimal success with it, then I sabotaged myself and put it on a shelf.

There’s another boring story of the universe brining Body Talk into my life which you don’t need to hear. It’s funny how stories that seem amazing before you understand that the universe is always conspiring on your behalf become common-place and a little ho-hum when you experience them on a near daily basis. I will say this though; the rule of threes has always worked for me. When something comes at you from three different places or sources, you’d better sit up and pay attention, the universe is practically slapping you across the face.

Body Talk was my first real step into a medical intuitive system that involves getting feedback from the body and then using the subtle energy meridians and intention to heal it.  I spent a weekend with the gentle Katrin Bergstrom and her incredible daughter and left that course educated, but feeling a little discouraged that I couldn’t get consistent feedback from muscle testing.  I was the youngest person in the course, being 27 or so and many people commented on that, which I gave some merit and didn’t feel too badly that muscle testing didn’t work out for me. I still have my opinions on muscle testing and although I do successfully use it on occasion now, I prefer to use my gut yes or no responses to questions and teach my clients the same thing.

Then an incredible thing happened. Between Reiki level two and level three I lost my Dad. He was only sixty years old and left us rather suddenly with an illness they diagnosed as acute leukemia. It was tough, to say the least, but boy did I step into some power as a result.  That whirlwind of pain and suffering brought a lot of healing.  I don’t remember what order it all came piling in at, but over the next two years I heard the universe’s call back to EFT and learned the technique from the master, Gary Craig, through his excellent DVD’s. I read MANY books on spirituality and although I had already been dabbling in that area and had a good understanding of spirit and life, it quadrupled in that time. I read books by Sylvia Brown, John Edwards, and a bunch of others I don’t even recall.  Again, I was guided to meet Howie Thomason, a fellow holistic nutritionist, homeopath, radionics practitioner and incredibly intelligent man that engaged in heated debates with me via email, slapping me into awareness. He recommended that I read No Time for Karma, an amazing, life-changing,  FREE book that you can find on-line here. He also introduced me to Abraham. For that I will be eternally grateful.

Abraham-Hicks is one of my most cherished teachers. Abraham is not a person. Abraham-Hicks refers to a collective consciousness of non-physical beings that are channeled through a woman named Ester Hicks and her husband Jerry.

These are the authors and tools that have sped up my vibration, enhanced my knowing and given me the wisdom that I share with all of my clients.  The links you’ll find here are the books and programs that I believe you will find the most benefit from if your life has already guided you to meet me. These are most certainly affiliate links, meaning that when you click on the links and opt to purchase the programs, I receive a commission.  I think it should be clear to you by now that I’m not out to sell you anything that you won’t find incredible benefit from.  We all purchase things that we need,  and if I can point you towards information and teachers that will change you life, I don’t mind getting a little credit. Business doesn’t have to be cold and unspiritual.

So, most definitely I believe that everyone reading this should hear Abraham’s message. They are the original teachers of the Law of Attraction.  The hit movie The Secret is based on the teachings of Abraham.  Lots of spiritual leaders are teaching the same information, and even it didn’t come to them directly from Abraham, it is Abraham’s message that you are hearing.  All of the information from them is excellent, but I particularly recommend the book or audio “Ask and it is Given”.  I lovingly refer to it as my bible.  Of course that is the basic information. I’ve also read or listened to the Introduction to Abraham, special subjects volumes one and two, Think and Get Slim, Money and the Law of Attraction,  The Astonishing Power of Emotions, Sara Book 1, The Secret Behind the Secret, The Master Course and The Vortex. I also attended an Abraham-Hicks cruise in February of 2009 and saw them in Toronto in 2008. I subscribe to their monthly CD subscription so I get a little dose of the most up to date teachings every month.  I can’t say it enough, I LOVE Abraham.

With the understanding of Abraham, I’ve also found other teachers that I resonate with that have a similar message, but may be saying it in a slightly different way or have a take on it that gives it more meat. Mike Dooley is one such teacher.  I have listened to his programs Infinite Possibilities as well as  Leveraging the Universe. I also get his daily “Notes from the Universe” email which I highly recommend.

I do own a copy of The Secret and think it’s worth watching as long as you realize that there is a whole lot more to the story.  I also own Harmonic Wealth from James Ray, What the Bleep Do We Know (highly recommended), You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and I used to subscribe to Spiritual Circle Cinema and have seen a number of small spiritual and inspirational films through their monthly DVD program. Of course I own the entire EFT library, as well as “The Tapping Solution” formerly called “Try it on Everything”, an introductory video on EFT.

Along with EFT, I also took The Sedona Method course, which is an audio program that you follow with a workbook that teaches you how to release negative emotions with three easy questions.  Some fundamental teachings on our human needs and how they relate to our spiritual knowing came to me from that course and I still use it with clients on a regular basis.

My clarity and understand further improved when I found Holosync from Bill Harris.  Holosync is an audio program that creates a specific brain wave frequency similar to deep meditation, instantly.  I still listen to it almost nightly as I go to sleep, or all night long while I sleep.

Jose Silva created “The Silva Method”. If your goal is to increase your psychic ability and intuition, this course is for you.  Using what I learned, I got my boyfriend to stop smoking by holding some of his personal items and infusing them with love, strength and motivation. He announced three days later that he wanted to quit smoking and he did for about three weeks.  I guess I should’ve kept it up :). He’s my toughest client, mostly because he’s not a willing participant.

I’ve attended numerous conferences and trainings and read the works of amazing teachers such as Bruce Lipton, Wayne Dyer, Bill Tiller, Joe Dispenza, Carol Look, Dawson Church, Bill Tiller, Donna Eden, David Feinstein, Carol Solomon, Patricia Carrington, Mary Sise, Paul Chek, Carolyn Myss and many others.

My most recent discovery is PsTEC, another audio program that involves a hypnosis component along with advanced brain wave manipulation that quickly neutralizes negative emotions or traumatic memories.  It can also be used for smoking cessation, which of course is of interest to me for that tough client I mentioned above.

The books currently on my nightstand are A Course in Miracles, The Shadow Effect and The Genie in Your Genes.

That brings you pretty much up to date with my spiritual healing journey. Now you have access to all the tools and teachers I’ve had experience with over the years. Explore this world of information, find your own path. If some of the things I’ve mentioned above resonate with you, by all means, follow your intuition. I often tell clients to just go to the bookstore, stand in the New Age or Spirituality section and let a book choose you. Trust that you will be guided to read the right thing at the right time and enjoy the ride. Ignorance really isn’t bliss.

Peace and Love,


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