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Permanent Weight Loss Academy 

Are you ready to go to school? For a year? Here you’ll have complete access to every tool in my toolkit as we work one on one, week by week for an entire year, to uncover and release your unique blocks, fears and limiting beliefs to releasing weight for good. Not to be taken lightly, this program will call for a deep commitment to personal change and transformation. Every tool  and all the support you’ll need to release ego, create a new self-image and become the person you truly know yourself to be will be handed to you. I tried this as a three month program, but quickly learned that to make a permanent change, we need even more support than that.  I’m so confident that you’ll be a different person in a year, if you’re not within 15 pounds of your ideal weight when your year is up, your coaching is free until you are!! (Conditions apply)

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Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Emotional Eating Teleconference Series

The Spring 2013 session registration will open soon, sign up for my newsletter or email me for details!
Join us for a weekly teleconference in the privacy of your own home while we clear subconscious blocks about weight loss, food issues and anything else standing between you and the lean, healthy body you deserve.

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Coming Soon!  Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Emotional Eating Teleseminar Recordings

The Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Emotional Eating Program Recordings will be available for purchase, so you can listen at your own pace. Listen to one session a week for ten weeks, just as though you were on the live course, or choose a pace that suits you better. Plus, you’ll receive the Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Emotional Eating workbook to help you discover and then release your blocks to permanent weight loss along with a bonus visualization audio to help you harness the power of law of attraction and move you towards the body of your dreams!  EFT and Law of Attraction “For Everything Else” 

Maybe you’d love to try EFT for issues in your life other than weight loss or emotional eating. No problem. Although my speciality is weight loss, I’ve helped clients with many other issues  including anxiety or panic attacks, work stress, relationship issues, traumatic incidents like car accidents, smoking or other addictions (if you have a serious addiction I require you also be in addictions treatment with a licensed mental health counselor) and just about everything else!

And if you  live two hours or two time zones away don’t let that stop you.  EFT is extremely effective over the phone or Skype and we can do weekly sessions just like we would face to face.  Take advantage of my free consultation to see if EFT and Law of Attraction Coaching is the right fit for you. It all starts with a phone call 613-372-3622 or an email  Session packages range from $85-120 per session.