Evolution Wellness Health Seminar- Bone Health

If you think your bones are healthy because you get plenty of dairy in your diet…think again. Holistic nutritionists and natural medicine practitioners know something you need to know…dairy can actually cause a WEAKENING of bone tissue!! It’s not just about calcium people!!
Your bones are living tissues and they need very specific biochemistry in order to stay strong.
You can build healthy new bone tissue at any age when you understand what it takes and give your body what it needs!

Come and learn how to avoid or even reverse bone disease the holistic way with Naturopathic Doctor Ben Hrkl from Advanced Orthomolecular Research.

Only $15!

We have an amazing sponsor this month and lots of FANTASTIC supplements to give away, don’t miss it!!

When: Tuesday, April 17th,  7pm-8:30pm

Where: Calvin Park Library, 88 Wright Crescent, Kingston, Ontario

Cost: $15

Pre-register at Nutrition House Kingston Centre or via telephone 613-372-3622

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