EFT for Making Peace With Where You Are

I often tell my clients that positive changes don’t come from negative places. Hopefully some of the tapping you’ve done this week has lightened your load of self-reproach or negative emotions but we want to do some focused work on making peace with where you are, because you can’t attract anything different than the way you’re currently feeling. Are you starting to get a feel for what I’m saying about the Law of Attraction?  Your thoughts are important, VERY IMPORTANT, TRES IMPORTANT, MUY IMPORTANTE.  If you’re thinking things like:

  • I’m so fat
  • I’m disgusted with myself
  • I can’t do this
  • Why bother?
  •  I hate my body
  •  I HAVE to lose some weight
  •  I hate myself this way
  •  I can’t possibly accept myself this way


Then guess what?  You’re attracting more circumstances and events in your life that will make you feel that way.  If you ABSOLUTELY KNEW that the thoughts you’re thinking, and hence the emotions you’re feeling right NOW are creating your future reality, what would you think about? Maybe something like this?

  • My body does so much for me
  • I  love learning how to feed my body in a way that feels good
  • I love knowing that I’m finally making the changes I’ve always wanted to make
  • I love knowing that my thoughts and emotions are the most powerful catalyst for change here, not food and exercise
  • I’m grateful to my body for all that it does for me. Without it I couldn’t breathe the crisp fall air, see a beautiful sunset or the love in my families eyes, hear a kitten purring or my friends laughing, smell fresh laundry dried in the sun or beautiful flowers, feel the sand in my toes on a beach or a warm sweater on a cold day.
  • I wonder if I could start to give myself a break and a little love and appreciation
  • I love feeling good where I am and looking forward to feeling even better


I want you to make a choice right now, make the choice that you are going to feel good no matter what. Only you have the power to do that.  Promise yourself that you are going to be picky about the way that you feel because you understand how important it is.  When you feel badly, it’s your job to do something about it.  Remember that long-term goal though.  You don’t want to choose something like food or alcohol that will only make you feel better on a very short-term basis.  Look at the big picture and make an intention to change your vibration bit by bit towards your future self. Of course, the number one thing I recommend is tapping, so get a hold of that negative emotion and do some EFT on it until it subsides.  Other things that work (but not as well as tapping) are listening to music, dancing, laughing, reading something uplifting, going for a walk and looking up at the horizon, playing with pets, singing, playing an instrument, yoga or meditation.

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