EFT for a Happy Holiday

Many people resign themselves to holiday stress, overeating, overspending, under exercising and kind of “give up” their health program thinking they’ll get back on track in January.

I think we both know that’s not a great game plan. Do you really want to wake up one early January morning and realize you’ve gained 7 pounds and you feel like crap?

What’s the best way to deal with the frustration of holiday traffic, holiday crowds and holiday parties?  My solution is EFT and exercise.  Use the emotions of the season to identify what areas need clearing in your own psyche and spirit. Identify who and what is pushing your buttons.  Do they make you reach for food when you aren’t really hungry? Do they side-line your plans to go to the gym in favour of a glass of wine and a nap?

This is one time of year that I tend to let frustration get the better of me. A couple of years ago I snapped on a guy at the self-scan counter at the grocery store for accidentally butting in front me to help his elderly mother with her groceries. Not a proud moment.

Some days I swear EFT and  CrossFit have kept me out of jail. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty calm most of the time, but people push our buttons, and I can only take so much when it comes to people getting in my way, slowing me down and not seeming to notice or care. I’m so busy, too busy most of the time and this button, like all buttons, is a symptom of my own feelings and it’s an opportunity for growth.  So this year, I’m making a commitment to myself to use the holiday busy-ness  as the conflict that allows my growth. I promise to take that frustrated, irritated, angry feeling and tap it into oblivion so I can return to the peaceful, caring person I want to be, even if someone cuts me off in traffic because they have to get to the liquor store before it closes.

Here’s a sample of what I expect to tap on when I sit down to take a layer of this onion:

Even though I’m so irritated when people butt in front of me and don’t even say sorry or thanks, I love and accept myself completely.

Even though I feel this anger at those people that take advantage of my kindness and don’t respect that I have a schedule to keep, I love and accept myself completely.

Even though I hate it when people get in my way and slow me down, I have a schedule to keep,I love and accept myself completely.

This anger

This irritation

I get so mad when they get in my way

Don’t they know I have to be somewhere?

Don’t they know how busy I am?

I don’t have time for this

How dare they mess up my schedule?

They are oblivious

They don’t even notice that they are in my way

They just butted in front of me and I have somewhere I have to be

I don’t have time for this

They are so selfish

Selfish and greedy

They are taking my time and I didn’t offer it to them

I hate it when people take my precious time

I hate wasting my precious time with traffic and groceries and line-ups

I have so little time to myself, I hate it when people take it from me

This really pushes my buttons

I wonder what this anger is really about

It’s probably about being so busy

*note, you can see the natural progression through EFT, you start with the emotions you’re feeling in the moment, just tap on all those feelings and gradually, as the emotions subside, you’ll find yourself contemplating the emotions and what they are about. Then it’s usually time for a reframe, or an adjustment to your basic recipe.

Even though I’m too busy, I don’t even have time to myself, I love and accept myself completely

Even though I feel so overwhelmed and busy, I’d need three weeks to myself to rest and relax, I love and accept myself completely

Even though I know this anger is a result of not having enough time for fun, I love and accept myself completely

All I do is work

I never have time for me

I’m so busy

This frustration

This anger

I’m sick of this

All of this overwhelmed feeling

There’s so much to do all the time

Paper work







Work, work, work, it’s all I do

There’s always more to do

I don’t know how to change my schedule

This is the way I set it up

I must’ve wanted this on some level

I want more time for fun now

I need more enjoyment in my life

I really enjoy doing EFT with people

I wish I could do more of that

What if I could change my schedule?

What if I could do more of the work I enjoy and less of the stuff I don’t

I like the idea of having more time for fun

I do know it’s possible to change my schedule

I might not know how, but the universe does

I choose to focus on having more fun

Even when I do little things, I could make them more fun

Like listening to music while I cook and clean

Or singing like a rock star in the shower

Or bouncing on my trampoline in the morning

Or taking five minutes to on-line window shop, or chat with my friends while I’m working on the computer

Then maybe I wouldn’t mind if someone got in my way at the grocery store.


EFT isn’t difficult, if you don’t know what to tap on, just say whatever you’d say to a friend during a “venting” session. As you tap and vent, you’ll take care of the negative emotions and you’ll be able to see how it’s really about you, your own blocks, how to let them go and what you need to do about it.

Happy Tapping!

Ellie Steele is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Intermediate EFT practitioner, Personal Trainer Specialist and 3rd Degree Reiki Practitioner that helps women overcome emotional overeating and self-sabotage behaviours that block them from high self-esteem and healthy body weight. www.EvolutionWellness.ca

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