EFT and Law of Attraction Supporting Mental Illness

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In this call we discussed mental illness,  the short-comings of our mental health care system and how EFT can support us through the challenges of dealing with mental illness. EFT is an excellent tool for those dealing with mental illness, but in a case of any serious disorder of thought or a diagnosed mental health condition, a licensed mental health professional needs to oversee patient care.  Unfortunately, we have very few licensed mental health professionals that are also trained with a high skill level with EFT, so this remains a challenge.  For anyone that would like to explore EFT for mental health treatment, please contact me at ellie@evolutionwellness.ca and I can refer you to the proper agency depending on your place of residence.

Specifically in this call we discussed using EFT for those of us that may be living with or close to someone that’s suffering from a serious mental illness as there are many applications for EFT in this circumstance.  Chances are we’ve been traumatized by our loved one that’s suffering, or we have intense feelings about their level of suffering.  Join me in a borrowing benefits tap along session in which I worked through a personal story of witnessing a loved one’s suffering.

We explored this topic with concepts from Law of Attraction teachings as well.

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