EFT and Law of Attraction Group Details

Thanks for your interest in my EFT and Law of Attraction Coaching Group. Here are all the details!   
I LOVED hosting this group because I LOVE helping people shift out of their subconscious blocks and helping them see that they have the power to change ANYTHING in their lives. 
It’s a great way for you to learn more about EFT and Law of Attraction and how to apply them  for virtually every issue in your life AND it’s an incredible way to heal things on this planet, not only for those of us tapping and listening, but for all of humanity!
Unfortunately, I had to stop running the group because I couldn’t put it in a time slot that seemed to work for people to make it to the live calls, but the archives are still alive and well and  you can find many of them on my archives page here.
Now, I have to offer one caution before you start listening and tapping along. When doing EFT on your own with recordings like this you must take full responsibility for your own mental health.   For most healthy people this won’t be a concern but there are certain issues that you should have extra support with.  For example, if you have any history of mental health illness or severe mental or emotional trauma, I HIGHLY recommend that you work with a licensed mental health professional.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to heal yourself with EFT, but you need supervision and support to keep you safe. On very rare occasions,  EFT can open doors on emotions that we may have buried deep in our subconscious minds and when they surface they could cause a great deal of mental/emotional distress.  If you should find yourself having some severe emotions that you can’t handle please, keep tapping through the EFT points and call a mental health professional or a help line.  

If you haven’t yet seen the introductory EFT video, please go and watch that here before listening to a recording.
One of the advantages to doing EFT in a group setting is due to something called Borrowing Benefits.  Something phenomenal happens as we tap along with someone else’s pain, even if we don’t share their particular issue.  No one knows why, but I would guess that it’s evidence of the fact that we are having a shared experience here on this planet.  When we observe another person clearing their stuff, our own, possibly completely unrelated issues often clear as well.  How incredible is that?
You can learn more about borrowing benefits on the EFT Tutorial by Gary and Tina Craig.
If you need a refresher or beginner lesson on the EFT tapping points, please watch the video on the EFT Basics.
Finally, if you’re new to the concept of using EFT along with Law of Attraction teachings,this article from EFT master Carol Look will help you grasp the power of combining these two incredible tools. 
 Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!  Happy Tapping!
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