Dynamic Balance 3-session course with Ellie Steele

Dynamic Balance

A free 3-Week Teleconference Course introducing the concept of Dynamic Balance

Tuesday Evenings
January 20, 27, February 3
7:30 to 9:00pm Eastern time via conference call

In three 90 minute sessions we’ll explore the principles of Dynamic Balance that lead to a sustainable approach to total wellness.  There are many factors that must flow together  for us to be truly well in body, mind and spirit.  One can’t be neglected for the sake of the other without repercussions; we really need to spend time and energy on All of them to be our best selves.  But how do we do that with limited resources of time and energy? How can we eat well, and also enjoy a social gathering? How can we prioritize our finances to support health AND fun?  How do we balance our work and our families? How can we make time for what matters when IT ALL MATTERS? Join me as I share my simple approach to balancing seven key parameters of wellness including nutrition, movement, sleep, spiritual or personal growth, emotional health, strong relationships and social engagement and making a fulfilling contribution to society (and being remunerated for it).

This course is offered at no charge to those who are interested in learning how to create  sustainable wellness in these seven key areas of life.

Please Register even if you cannot listen to all of the sessions live – an mp3 recording of each session will be sent to you as soon as it is done so you can listen at your convenience. These recordings will only be available to registered course participants.

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Course Sessions

The Dynamic Balance Approach to Wellness

Tuesday, January 20- 7:30 pm Eastern
Introduction to the Concept of Dynamic Balance

In this session we’ll uncover what it means to be truly well and how our current “sick-care” system limits our ability to be optimally well.  You’ll leave the session with a fresh perspective on how to approach health and wellness without being overwhelmed by conflicting opinions and advice.

Tuesday, January 27 – 7:30pm
Spokes on the Wheel of Dynamic Balance

Here we’ll pull apart the concept of Dynamic Balance and look more specifically at the most obvious starting place; physical wellness.  Do you know which systems you need in place to be physically well? Where should you start? How do you create physical wellness without sacrificing other spokes on the wheel? You’ll leave the session with renewed enthusiasm and a clear direction forward to improve your physical wellness as well as a sense of the bigger, longer-term approach you should take.

Tuesday, February 3rd- 7:30pm
Creating A Stable Platform

To make the most of the Dynamic Balance approach to wellness we MUST address the age-old question of why we human beings resist doing what we know is good for us. After all, knowing what action to take next is very different from TAKING that action.  We’ll explore this topic and put some solid strategies and mind-set shifts in place to give you the best chance of successfully implementing what you’ve learned in the series.

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About Ellie Steele


As a holistic health coach, holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and Law of Attraction coach, Ellie has been creating programs to help her clients overcome health challenges, relationship obstacles, emotional eating and self-sabotage and embrace spiritual growth and personal development since 2001.

As an instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition she taught students about the connection between spirituality and disease.  As a personal trainer she created fitness programs that worked with her clients busy lifestyles and as an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner she helps her clients dissolve the roots of self-sabotage on every front.

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