How to Love Your Body in 90 days or Less

I want to tell you about a client of mine.  She’s a lovely lady that’s 83 years young.  She raised a number of beautiful, successful children, has run many successful businesses, and has fantastic taste and a flair for philanthropy. She’s a woman ahead of her time.  She taught me the difference between an ipod and an MP3 player. I’m not kidding. She’s smart, beautiful and wise.


And she hates her belly.


She bemoans the flaps under her arms.


She’s sick to death of her thighs.


And that makes me want to cry. This is what we all have to look forward to ladies.  If you’ve been thinking that you’d miraculously stop obsessing over the shape and size of your body when you turned 40, or 50, or 80, think again!


I for one have had enough.  Enough of society telling me I need to look a certain way to be accepted, or to even accept myself.  I’ve had enough of airbrushing, and size 6 actresses playing “fat girls”. I’ve had it with out-of-shape, unattractive TV husbands (even the CARTOONS) having beautiful, thin wives just because it’s more pleasing to people.  Personally,  I’ve had enough of lamenting over the size of my thighs and constantly comparing myself to other women. I’ve had enough of thinking my life would be better if only I fit into a size 2. More than anything, I’ve had enough of hearing wonderful, intelligent, talented and beautiful women spend so much time and energy on getting rid of their cellulite.


I mean, really?  We’re spending billions of dollars on a weight-loss industry that DOOMS us to failure!  In fact, much of it is DESIGNED to fail! Let’s face it ladies, they’re counting on us being REPEAT customers!  Think about the last year. How many diet books did you buy?  How much of your time was spent thinking about, preparing for or following a diet?  How much money did you spend on fitness videos, equipment or gym memberships you barely used? How about diet pills? Did you go out and get some raspberry ketones when Dr. OZ talked about them?  Now think about the past five years.  Depressed yet?


I think it’s time to step off this wheel of pain and torment, don’t you?


I think it’s time to stop wasting time on changing our bodies for the sake of fitting in or being accepted.  I think it’s time to stop comparing ourselves to other women and start appreciating all the varying types of body shapes. I think it’s time to start focusing on moving and eating for health, energy, happiness and longevity instead of the number on the scale.  I think it’s time we stopped giving a rip what everybody else thinks about our bodies, good, bad or otherwise and just started loving ourselves.


I think it’s time we started taking care of ourselves because it’s important to US.


And I believe that’s how we manifest TRUE beauty. I believe that when our outer bodies become a reflection of internal love and acceptance we radiate and vibrate at a different frequency.  That frequency is light, its love, its confidence and security.  And it draws people to us like moths to a flame.   Some would call it charm or charisma; I call it connection to who you really are.


When you come to a place of loving and accepting yourself so completely that you no longer need the acceptance or approval of others, you are truly free. I know it sounds backwards, but you have to release your need to be accepted in order to be completely accepted.


That’s why I designed this program.  I want you to be free.  Free from the expectations of others. Free from negative self-talk and low self-esteem. Free from needing approval. Free to be the beautiful being you already are!


Here’s what you can expect from my 90-day program:


  • You’ll be able to clearly hear that self-sabotaging, often subconscious, critical voice that tells you you’re no good or too fat!
  • You’ll be able to evaluate with absolute clarity whether that voice is telling you the truth or not
  • You’ll be able to have a dialog with that voice and convince it to change it’s tune and help support you instead of put you down
  • You’ll create crystal clear awareness of what to do next when that voice shows up and how to clear it for good
  • You’ll be able to see how and why you created negative patterns of thinking about yourself and your body based on the people, circumstances and events in your life
  • You’ll be able to powerfully decide whether or not you want those things to continue to control you and your body
  • You’ll learn how to release the past experiences that are still impacting your relationship with your body
  • You’ll learn how to release those negative thoughts and feelings about your body that you’ve been holding on to
  • You’ll learn the true definition of success and failure and where you fit into it
  • You’ll learn to release the critical self-talk that may be held in place for you by trauma or fear
  • You’ll learn to let go of your primal fat  patterning that thousands of years of evolution has programmed you with
  • You’ll learn how to identify and release any limiting beliefs about you and your body such as “everyone gains weight after having kids” or “it’s impossible to lose weight after menopause!”
  • You’ll learn how to identify and release any way that your relationship to your parents or first family may still be subconsciously impacting your body image
  • You’ll consciously decide what you want to believe about yourself and your body and install those new beliefs
  • You’ll enhance your new vibration about your body and anchor it in place so it becomes your new default
  • You’ll learn to use the power of your mind to create your preferred reality.


As a result of that intensive work you will open the door to:


  • More confidence in your body and your self
  • A deeper appreciation for yourself
  • A newfound clarity about the ideals of society and how you choose to react to them
  • A clean slate on the past experiences that have been shaping your body
  • An ability to step into empowering decisions about who you are and who you choose to be
  • Absolutely loving your body and taking care of it because you want to
  • A gradual shift towards a healthier body that reflects your inner love and beauty


Here’s what your program includes:


  • 12 hours of One on One Coaching delivered over 90 days with yours truly where we’ll reset your faulty programming. We’ll find your limiting beliefs and annihilate them. We’ll uncover the circumstances in your life that have contributed to your poor body image or low self-esteem and turn them into gifts that empower you and show you who you really are!
  • Expert, indivualized advice on the food, supplement and exercise regimen that is best for your health and longevity.
  • Access to recordings from my popular Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Emotional Eating Program
  • The Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Emotional Eating Workbook to help you turn over “every stone” of possible blocks to living the fullest version of yourself.
  • TONS of done-for-you materials to help you on your journey such as tapping scripts, limiting belief checklists, possible traumas for clearing checklist, and how to visualize instructions.
  • BONUS Mp3 audios such as the EFT for Negative Body Emotions and Paraliminals Ideal Weight Re-Programmer.


And just to be sure you’re still moving with the momentum we’ll build together, you’ll also get:


  • Two one on one follow-up sessions with me to reinforce your NEW healthy-body vibration


I’m sure you’d agree, the long-term benefits of a more confident, healthy you are invaluable!   How much longer are you willing to go through life not really living?  How long will you suffer, telling yourself that you’re weak and a failure because you can’t lose weight?  How many parties will you miss because you don’t want everyone to see how “fat” you are?


Do you want to be 83, with a lifetime of accomplishments under your belt and still be lamenting about your thighs?


It’s time to end your suffering once and for all.  We both know diets don’t work.  It’s so pointless to starve yourself and deprive yourself when you know you can’t eat that way forever.  Besides, you’ve tried that approach, multiple times right?  It’s just not the answer.


But COACHING is SO different.  Having someone to hold your hand (or kick your ass if you prefer), cheer you on and give you the tools you need to be successful is THE KEY to making this the LAST TIME you’ll find yourself in that self-loathing place, desperate to lose weight.


That’s why I wanted to make this program EASY for you to say “yes” to with this incredible savings. If you invest in full, your program investment is only:


 $1497!!  You’d pay WAY more for one of the popular diet programs out there, and you wouldn’t even get the mindset shifts that lead to a permanently healthy body! Your results would be TEMPORARY!


I don’t want you to wait one second longer before you start feeling better about your body. That’s why, when you invest in yourself today, I’m going to give you another SPECIAL BONUS!


When I receive your full-payment investment in the program, I’ll personally send you THE LOVE YOUR BODY MORNING RITUAL Audio Recording.  This short, but powerful audio will help you get out of bed on the right foot every morning and SPEED up the vibrational shifts of feeling good about yourself and your body so you can start manifesting what you want RIGHT AWAY!


If you need a payment plan option I have that too.


Payment Option #2


Three monthly payments of $567


 If you’re ready to do the work that really counts vs. counting calories and killing yourself with boring exercise, please fill out the application, email it to and request your complimentary discovery session and we’ll decide together  if this program is a fit for you. There is NO obligation in filling out the application.  In fact,  I’d encourage you to fill it out even if you don’t believe the program is match for you.  The transformation process often begins as a result of asking yourself some searching questions like these ones!



If you’re super excited to get started, go ahead and register now, if after having a look at your application, I don’t believe you’re a good fit for the program (which is highly unlikely if you’re that motivated) I’ll completely refund your money!

Pay in Full and Get Bonus Audio!
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Number of payments 3
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 About Your Coach



I’m Ellie Steele and I’ve been helping women overcome a negative body image for over ten years. My own journey is probably much like your own and you can read all about it here.  I am a registered holistic nutritionist, a personal trainer, an emotional freedom technique practitioner, a 3rd degree Reiki practitioner, a law of attraction and spirituality coach.

It is my passion to help women break free from negative self-talk and see their true beauty so they can begin to manifest EVERYTHING they deserve in life!

I’d be honored and thrilled to welcome you to my program!


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