Benita shares her success with specific EFT and emotional, compulsive overeating!

Addicted to Chocolate

I started working with Benita after she contacted Gary Craig, the inventor of EFT, about her troubles with compulsive overeating.  Benita is very dedicated to self-growth and had been doing EFT for a number of years on her own and with various on-line programs.  While other areas of her life had improved, she wasn’t getting anywhere with her compulsive overeating patterns.

Gary Craig and his daughter, Tina Craig are adamant that working on the specific events and traumas of our lives as described in The Personal Peace Procedure are the key to overcoming nearly every unwanted behaviour in our lives, including self-sabotaging patterns like compulsive overeating.   Unfortunately, this point is often lost in most group programs in which a general issue is addressed with global tapping on a problem that could apply to everyone in the group. For example, you might have some global tapping on things like “Even though I eat to fill the loneliness, I love and accept myself completely.”

While I’ve seen that sort of tapping work to a degree, and I do use it in my own group programs, I believe it works, not as a stand-alone approach, but as a way to  open doors to memories or  specific event in your life in which you felt lonely, or when you began eating to manage feelings of loneliness.  When we apply EFT to those specific memories,  it works  it’s true magic.   You can learn more about the Official EFT, the way Gary has always taught it and Tina now teaches through the ACEP training program here…

So, Benita’s success with EFT has been a result of her dedicated focus to working on her specific traumas, the events in her life that created a level of anxiety that created her need to eat to numb her from that pain.  She never would’ve gotten there with global tapping, and in fact she had tried, without success.

Getting Benita to this point took approximately 18 hours of one on one professional EFT, along with 30 or more hours of homework.  Looking at our emotional past can be very unpleasant but Benita was absolutely determined to let go of the baggage that has been weighing her down both figuratively and literally.  She plowed through event after event, tapping down 30 or more specific events  from her life and often doing hours of homework on her own between sessions.

When we’re struggling with chronic issues,  whether that may be emotional overeating,  procrastination, fears or phobias, relationship struggles, money problems or even physical pain, the events and traumas of our past have a direct contribution and until they are dealt with and the emotions about them tapped down, nothing else will work, including other approaches with EFT.

Listen in as Benita shares her success

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