40 Day Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Detox Group Coaching Program

Have you been thinking about trying to get off gluten, dairy and sugar?

Maybe you’ve read some of the popular books like The Paleo Solution, The Primal Blueprint, Wheat Belly or Grain Brain and are curious to see if gluten, dairy or sugar are the culprits in your nagging health issues or stubborn extra weight.

Or maybe your naturopath or nutritionist has asked you to follow this type of eating plan but you just haven’t been able to commit to it.

If you’re curious to see just how good a human body can feel, you deserve to try this for yourself.  You will NEVER really know if these foods have a negative effect on you until you go 40 days without them and then re-introduce them.

I hear it over and over again!  “I had no idea I was reacting so badly to gluten, but now every time I eat it I get a stomach ache, so it’s just not worth it any more, I’d rather feel good than have that piece of bread.”

Want to see what really  happens to people when they follow the eating style we’re talking about here?  Just go look at some of the testimonials at Marks Daily Apple or Robb Wolf’s Paleo Website

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Often our bodies are desensitized to the effects of these foods and we’re not experiencing overt symptoms after consuming them, but I guarantee if you’re having difficulty with them, you’re having difficulty with them whether your stomach  hurts when you eat them right now or not.  The problem is, that difficulty will show up in other places like chronic sinus infections, chronic headaches, low moods, depression, joint aches and pains, auto-immune conditions and even serious neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

That’s why one of the first things any holistic health practitioner will ask you to do is take gluten, dairy and sugar out of your diet.  They know that regular consumption of these “staples” are often the root cause of whatever it is their patient or client is showing up with.

I know it can be hard.  Especially if bread, cheese and sweets are your comfort  and convenience foods.

Most of us grew up eating those foods as staples and the idea of not being able to have them can send us into deprivation and overwhelm.

Maybe you’ve even tried it before and were miserable with cravings and deprivation.

 Diets have a 95% failure rate. Yes, 95%.  It’s not that unbelievable if you’ve done a few.  They fail because they only work on the level of food.  They never address what it takes to mentally and emotionally change your relationship with food.  What good is a ten pound weight loss if you’re miserable and can’t wait to have chocolate cake again?

In order to permanently change your body and your life you have to find a style of eating that supports health, longevity that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

You also have to change your “fat-programming” and end emotional eating and deprivation.

I can teach you how to do both. 

My name is Ellie Steele.  I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I’m a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor, I’m a Personal Trainer, I’m a certified ACEP Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and I’m a Law of Attraction Coach.

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I’m combining over a decade of constant learning, across a wide range of holistic health modalities, to bring you the most comprehensive program to permanently change your body, available anywhere.

I’ve studied with nutrition greats like Sally Fallon and Robb Wolf.

I’ve listened to hours of lectures and had practical hands-on training from the world’s top fitness professionals such as Michael Colgan and Paul Chek.

I’ve personally met and studied with EFT royalty such as Tina Craig, David Feinstein, Carol Look and Dawson Church.

My collection of Law of Attraction and spirituality materials is mountainous and continues to grow.

Is 2014 going to be the year you FINALLY figure out how to get and stay lean and healthy?

Join me and make one last resolution about finally mastering your weight this year.  If you’re ready, I promise you won’t regret it.

I’m not proposing a diet. Blech!

 I’m proposing an education.

An education on your body and how it responds to certain foods.

 An education on a style of eating that you can painlessly embrace for the rest of your life.

And an education, plus TONS of support on the mindset you need to master to make it a reality.

Here are the details:

  • We kick it all off with a 2 hour how-to-eat for health, longevity and a lean body webinar
  • You’ll get a TON of support materials to help ease your transition into eating for health including:You’ll follow a “strict” detox-style eating plan for 40 days starting January 6th, 2014
    • Recipes, recipes and more recipes
    • Meal plans for those moments when you just need someone to tell you what to eat
    • Shopping lists to make your life easier
    • Food lists and charts to help you navigate
    • An easy Quick-Start Guide to lay it all out for you
    • The “Eating-Out  on a Detox” Restaurant Guide
    • A supplement protocol to support a health metabolism and balance out any faulty brain chemistry that can lead to wicked food cravings
    • A Facebook community of your peers to share, laugh and lament with- I’ll be limiting the lamenting though 🙂 and to get your questions  between calls answered
  • During those 40 days we’ll work on your mindset and continue your holistic nutrition education via:
    • A 2 hour webinar on food cravings, and how to stop them in their tracks, along with the latest scientific findings on willpower
    • 6 Group coaching calls (on-line or via telephone) of fantastic support information including EFT and Law of Attraction to permanently deal with food and body image issues
    • 6 Q&A sessions to get your specific nutrition, training or mindset problems solved conveniently scheduled immediately following our coaching calls
    • 6 weekly handouts that will detail the content in our coaching sessions
    • Recordings of ALL the  coaching calls, webinars and Q&A’s to listen to at your leisure, as many times as you like.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Fat loss. For sure. If you eat a strict detox-style diet for 40 days you ARE going to lose fat.  How much varies from person to person, but EASILY 7 pounds, likely more.
  • Invaluable education on food, how your body reacts to food and what types of foods are best for your health and waistline
  • Permanent shifts in the way you think about food, restriction and deprivation
  • Permanent shifts in the way you feel about your body
  • Permanent changes towards a healthier lifestyle that will make you feel fantastic
  • Invaluable education in EFT and Law of Attraction that can be applied to virtually EVERY area of your life that will set you free, make you happier and enrich your life
  • Better sleep
  • Better energy
  • Clearer skin
  • Better moods
  • More motivation and willpower
  • New friends
  • A program that will continue to support you through the recordings that will reap benefits in your life, and the lives of the people close to you, for the rest of your life.

Now do you have questions? Get access to the Q&A Audio right here.

 I’ll bet you’re thinking a program like this is going to be thousands of dollars.  There are plenty of coaches and colleagues encouraging me to charge a lot more than I’m charging, and they’re probably right.   I’ve personally  paid more for less in group coaching programs!

The entire program, with all the materials and recordings if you pay in full is only $497.   For a permanent life change. For something you’ve been wanting to achieve for years.  For something that will continue to support you for the rest of your life.

Remember, this is an education, first and foremost.

Of course if you need to break it down into payments that’s an option too:  In that case you can choose three payments of $197 each billed a month apart.

So, there’s really no excuse is there?

 2014 can be YOUR year.

The one you look back on and say, “I got it right that year.

 I stepped up and took control of my health and my life.”

Fill out your application below to let me know you’re interested and I’ll be in touch when the live program runs!  

Questions?  Contact me at ellie@evolutionwellness.ca

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Trish before-Oct 22, 2011

Trish before. October 22, 2011

Trish after, minus 42 pounds. January 22, 2012

Trish after, minus 42 pounds. January 22, 2012. Click to hear her story.

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