EFT and Law of Attraction Coaching on “It’s never good enough”


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 In this call we talked about setting the intention to see a problem area in life in a different way, and how that plays out for me in my own experience.
We also tapped and worked through a common pattern of “It’s never good enough”. This pattern shows up for A LOT of people due to well-meaning parents that were always trying to help you do something “better”, like get better grades or tie your shoes better, or be a better person. Unfortunately, many of us got the message that nothing we did was ever “enough”. Even worse is if you had a parent that was overly critical and never gave you any positive feedback. It’s a recipe for disaster and can show up in our adult lives as perfectionism and procrastination, constant self-doubt and even anxiety. Join me as we clean the slate one story at a time.

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