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Welcome to Evolution Wellness, the home of Ellie Steele, holistic wellness coach. 
I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Certified Sports Nutrition Adviser, Personal Trainer Specialist and 3rd Degree Reiki Practitioner.
I combine my unique skill set in a number of ways to coach my clients towards happier, healthier lives. 
  • If you’re struggling with emotional eating, stubborn extra weight and body image issues, I have specialized programs that combine EFT, holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching that can help you. Learn more about those programs here. 
  • If you’re struggling with unresolved emotions and/or blocks, addictions like smoking, phobias and fears or other emotional issues, then EFT is something you may benefit from. Learn more about working with me in that capacity here.
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  • “I’ve lost 24 and a half pounds!”
  • I’ve lost 42 pounds and am 3 pounds away from my goal weight!”
  • “I’ve lost 20 pounds and I’ve never been able to budge the scale in the past”
  • “I’ve lost 40 pounds and am on track for reaching my goal!”
  • “I’ve lost 17 pounds and I feel fantastic”
  • “I thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, the material in week four has been huge”
  • “I want to thank-you again for such a great course-I feel like I’m on the right path”
  • I want to thank-you for this course, it has been an eye-opening experience and quite the trip”
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